The Art of Being Freed

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CallcenterTV mike
CallcenterTV mike
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About me

Freed is committed to excellence.  A self taught artist from California, Freed has been immersed in art since birth. 

The son of a multitalented painter and musician, Freed was introduced to many tools and activities that were meant to foster and enhance his creative side. When in the presence of him, you feel the vibe of massive power, leadership, creativity and influence.  These traits were born through struggle and growth, earned through an obsession with getting better and honing in on his artistic craft daily. 

From the age of 2, Freed was into the art of creativity; bringing things to life.  Inspired by his fathers oil paintings as a baby, The Art of Freed is generational. 

As a self taught artist, Freed dreamed of one day making cartoons and creating characters that would compel the entire world to smile from the heart!

You get a  vintage sense of style when viewing Freeds art as his work is inspired by many of the 90s cartoons and cult classic movies that spark an instant nostalgia.

For more information on custom designs, logos or prints please contact (Serious Inquiries Only).

What I Do

My style is a distinct, unique mix of stylized character art mixed with bits of realism. Check out this section to get a vibe on the type of art and media I create.  

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    I sketch tons of concept art.  If you have an idea you’re trying to get off the ground and need a “character” to come to life, I’m your guy!

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    High quality custom prints are available in sizes 8.5X11 and 11X17.  Contact for more info.

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    We produce high quality full color illustrations for your book projects, poster designs, covers and more! Inquire for more details.

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Some of my art broken down into different sections. Check it out!

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