The Art of Being Freed

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About me

The Art of Being Freed- This is more than a slogan or some sort of slick catch phrase: For Fred, this is a way of life.  From Fresno CA, Freed has been drawing for as long as he could hold something that would make a mark (or stain!)

Freed comes from a family of talented artists and musicians and his calling was made aware to him very early in life, while watching an old Roadrunner/Coyote cartoon.  Not only was he compelled by the “drawings that moved”, he wanted to recreate the exact same Roadrunner cartoon with his own outcome in mind.

This desire to make a cartoon where the Roadrunner finally gets caught by the Coyote would drive his urge to create for years.  Fred took every art class possible while in school, having a knack for being able to look at just about any object and make a carbon copy of it.

Through theyears, Freed continued to develop art, but also had a desire to become a hiphop star.  This deterred him from cartoons and animation for several years, but that desire came calling again when an idea came to him to create a cartoon based on his years of experience working in a call center.

Thousands of hours were poured into development and learning how to create a simple animation, in addition to learning how to create digital art.  With his sales experience, he was able to invest heavily in himself and learn from some of the brightest minds in the animation industry, including heavy hitters and legends like Tom Bancroft and Richard Williams.

Now Freed is taking on his biggest challenge yet, making a daring change to break into the industry, but not as a hip hop star-Freeds' desire is to capture the minds and imaginations of millions around the world with his art.  Freeds' favorite phrase?

Imagination lives here!

What I Do

My style is a distinct, unique mix of stylized character art mixed with bits of realism. Check out this section to get a vibe on the type of art and media I create.  

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    I sketch tons of concept art.  If you have an idea you’re trying to get off the ground and need a “character” to come to life, I’m your guy!

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    High quality custom prints are available in sizes 8.5X11 and 11X17.  Contact for more info.

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    We produce high quality full color illustrations for your book projects, poster designs, covers and more! Inquire for more details.

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    Coming soon


Some of my art broken down into different sections. Check it out!

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